Wednesday, December 5, 2012

In want of a genetic abnormality.

I have dark blonde hair but I've always found myself in want of it being orange or red. I adore the fieriness of the colour, found it sexy and intriguing. I imagine my life with a crimson mop as more exciting and maybe dangerous (as if I could have been a spy were I born with one more "genetic flaw"). I've always had a secret red-headed desire, but after thoroughly considering the subject I suspect I wouldn't truly appreciate it were I to have it. Think of a red-head in your life. How many times have you heard them bemoan the redness their hair? Or maybe you yourself have thick curly hair and have always wished for it to be straight, but your friend with the seemingly perfect, thin hair (that appears to not deviate a single strand) just wishes hers would hold a curl even once. I, for instance, know a girl who has the most gorgeous and natural strawberry blonde locks but has spent every day of her adult life with it dyed almost every colour of the rainbow. I would murder puppies (sorry puppies) for hair her natural colour and yet here she's been wanting anything but since she was a child.

The long and the short of it is that we always want what we don't or can't's a universal truth. So I say I want a head of violently ruby hair, but if I was magically granted it today I'd probably wish for a return to my dark blonde. Maybe we should just spend more time appreciating what we have and our lives the way they are instead of wishing for something else. We'd almost definitely be happier.

If only lust could be thwarted by common sense. Ah well.

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